History of Gas Springs 

At the end of the 19th century a US patent was taken out on the gas spring concept.

In the 70’s the first series of gas springs started to be influential in the design function and were applied to the hatch-back of vehicle. Within a short space of time no manufacturer could not afford to be without a couple of gas springs on the tail-gate of its newest car. After this motoring first, the gas spring fairly quickly moved into the field of light commercial vehicles, selling cars and vans and then into luggage lockers in busses and so on.

During this new era it was a difficult task of persuading designers in industrial and heavy commercial vehicles to take on board the idea of using gas springs within simple and complex mechanisms wherever a weight had to be lifted or a flap had to be opened.It took a lot of time to change skepticism into realistic appreciation of the benefits in the manual or powered function against gravity could be converted into smooth effortless movement.

The applications are now endless and too numerous to list here in total: machine guards, escape hatches, kitchen flaps and so on. Nowadays, there is not an industry which has remained untouched by the advent of the gas spring.

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