Connection parts for mounting Gas Springs :

It is very important that the gas springs are optimally fastened. Therefore we offer different types of connection parts for a correct and safe installation.

Here you will find an overview of possible options such as eyes, clevises, ball sockets and spherical plain bearings. We supply several possible connecting parts made of steel, stainless steel or plastic and have several parts in stock.

Customized connection parts are also possible.
If you tell us the dimensions, this can be copied from our factory, so you can easily exchange 1 to 1

Connection parts Gas Springs:


Eyes are the most common connection parts. They are characterized by a high stability. We have the eye in many different sizes, diameters and thicknesses. That's why the eyes are very variable.


When high forces act on the gas springs, but also in cases where only a limited space is available, fork heads are strong and sturdy parts and are therefore used.

Ball Sockets

Ball Socket

The ball socket takes up the spherical joint head. Ball pans are found, among other things, in vehicle steering systems, towbars and in cars (e.g. in the trunk).


Ball Joints

Ball joints are often used in situations where it is difficult to mount the gas spring in a straight line between the two pivot points.

Joint Bearing

Joint Bearings

Spherical bearings are not roller bearings but slide bearings. When joint bearing sliding contact takes place between a convex inner ring and the equally crowned bore of the outer ring.

Mounting brackets

Mounting brackets

For the installation of gas springs, we offer various variants of connections & mounting bracket.

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